Tips on how to lose a belly without a gym

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Alright so today’s post going to talk about a good and fun ways you can lose a belly, its like a tips on how to lose a belly without a gym.  When we have a belly, lets not mention names so this will include all of us, when we have a belly we struggle to get rid of it and therefore we give up and we prefer to live struggly life.

You don’t like to go to the gym but want to get out of the struggly life ?, getting bored doing the same exercises and want to try more and different ones, i mean you can try different exercises in the gym but we talking about without the gym.


1-First tip is Running Free:

First tip is Running Free


Okay i will call it Running free and if you wonder what is that mean, simply i’m going to reply with this. The Running free is a great way of burning fats, instead of going to the gym and run in a machine and you keep looking at the wall everyday, you run outside with amazing view of the life’s nature and maybe with some friends in the morning that will make it more fun to run.

We  talking about a run not a walk, because if you walk you will not burn anything but if you run you will burn tons of fats and that way you will lose the belly without a gym.


2-Second tip is Racing Dcing:

Alright weird name but it work haha. Anyway i just created this name for fun but the meaning of it is serious, you take racing to the next level but here is something you have to commit to do it otherwise you wont do it. The idea of this tip is to take the first step and make it in more fun way, you challenge your friend or you brother or whoever is down for a race, this doesn’t have to be in morning it could be afternoon is good choice i guess.


3-Third tip is Bike Running:

Third tip is Bike Running

I don’t know if this idea is similar to you, but this step will require you a bicycle to do so and this idea also close to the first step but with bike which i think its gonna be more fun and as always with friends is gonna be more fun.

What you gonna do is you will have your bike in the morning or whenever is your time and go ride you bike outside and see new faces and different places with the bike and with all of this you can also lose the belly by riding the bicycle, well its seems weird but you can burn fats with the bike if you go fast, its just like the first step as i mentioned but with bike.

You can also race your friend or your teammate or whoever you are riding with, it make it more fun and awesome to do you wont get bored and it will help you to get rid of the belly. And exercises will also burn fat you can do some of the most known exercises like push ups and the other ones. This topic is about the fitness and we haven’t yet added the fitness topic to the blog but planning in the future to add this topic to the blog of course.


Alright ladies and gentlemen we have reached the end of this article or post, i hope you like it and i also hope it was somehow helpful for you and i would love your opinion on this article or post so leave me your opinion in the comment section, other than that stay awesome and i will catch you in the next post.

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