Tips on how to heal the wounds and injuries

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Anyway today’s post going to be simple tips on how to deal or heal the wounds and injuries in home. You can heal but you got to buy some stuff in order to so, you can do it by clean stuff in the house for emergency.

First thing let me tell that the body will take care of the recover of the lost skin and lost cells(Blood cells) and what you have to do is to keep the wounded place clean and safe from anything such as a dust and things like that.

Alright we are going to start from the scratch, the moment when the wound happen. So Before i start talking about the tips and everything let me first mention this because its important point i should mention.

There is different type of wounds and injuries that could happen to the body, lets say that you cut your hand by accident this is another type of wound and that’s easy to heal in home, and also lets say that you rubbed your hand on a rough wall and that made damage to the body and that’s another wound that could happen to the body.


As long as its in normal level you can heal it in home, but if its in the emergency level you have to go to the doctor quickly unless you know what to do and you can do it or you have doctor in the house. The emergency level is when you cut your hand so bad that made a big and deep wound. Whether its emergency or normal  you will do the same steps but in emergency with extra steps.


1-First tip is Make sure you have the right tools and requirement:

Make sure you have the right tools and requirement

Lets start the moment that the wound happen, if you don’t know what type of wounds i’m talking about. I’m talking about the A wound which happens relatively quickly in which skin is torn, cut, or punctured. So in that case you need as follow, bandagesantiseptic, And cotton. This is what i know so far and maybe i forget something, well i’m sorry but you can help by sharing it down below in the comment section.


2-Second Tip is Clean the wound:

Alright lets say the wound happened so what next ?, you have to use the cotton to clean the wound with the antiseptic, make sure the cotton is clean and do not use the tissues unless its emergency. Make in mind that you can clean the wound if its only in the normal level, because the emergency level have different way to clean, you cant use the antiseptic because its only gonna make it worse, that’s why you have to go to the doctor or you know how to do it and if you have a doctor in your house.


3-Third Tip is Cover the wound:

Now its time for you to cover the wound with the bandages, you will be like “The blood will keep coming out”, yeah i know but that wont last forever and make sure you tie the bandages well so it will hold and cover the wound. This only if its in normal level as well, in emergency level as i said there is extra steps you would take, so i recommend you to rush to the doctor.

Alright after you have done everything, all you have to do now is to keep it safe and clean and the body and its cells will take care of it, but there is something you may wanna do if you want to make it quicker.


Keep your health on perfect level, for example eat a lot of vitamins and drinks a lot of good and health drinks. This way it will boost the healing process and make it quicker. We came to the end of this article, i hope this article helpful and i hope you live a happy life, i will see you in the next post till then stay health and have good day.