Tips on how to control your time with electronic devices

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How everyone been doing ?, i hope everyone been doing awesome this week,i’m really trying to get on track and do post per day. Its really hard but my goal is to blog post per day the next week, i believe i can do it. Anyway been long time since i posted about tips, so today i’m back with this post. Hope you like it!

I am a blogger which mean i sit on my laptop and write, also i have social media so that means i have to get some times working  on my social profiles. I do some video games videos, sometime i play just for fun. The point is that i set on Electronic Devices.

I decided to post this post about “Tips on how to control your time with electronic devices“. I would love to share my experience and share what i learnt. First i am a work person which means i don’t like to waste any minute on anything but work. So that means i want to work all day but if i do so i will forget about my health and if i do then i wont keep going. So which mean i have to take of my health to keep going.

So I have sat plan for my day and now my days go upon my plan which that’s awesome, because its really hard to keep going with the plans due the things that happen out of the plans. Anyway This is what i’m going to share with you guys, my plan on how i control my day specifically with the electronic devices.

The reason why i want do this because when you use the electronic devices it takes energy from our  eyes, for example if you keep using the phone with high brightness it will hurt your eyes and your vision will be lower than normal,which means you wont be able to see as you were before, you will lose vision,and this will keep going till you be blind.

1-First tip is Don’t use electronic devices in morning:


Okay i’m going to start from the beginning of our day, for me i don’t use laptop or play video games early in morning unless i eat breakfast. If you going to use any electronic device in morning i recommend you use it 10 am or later, because when you wake up and straight go for electronic device the system of our eyes will get hurt, and your body doesn’t have fuel(Food) which the body should use an extra and therefor this will cause problem to the body.

I recommend to have a walk or a run in the morning, and maybe  family time you can do some activities with your family. For me i walk or sometime i run every morning and when i finish i use the rest of my morning day with my family or something i have to do.

2-Second Tip is set a plan for use of the any electronic device:

Second Tip is set a plan for use of the any electronic device

A plan for our day and the use of the electronic device is something important we should do, we cant be on our phones for 3 hours, or play video games for 5 hours. This for sure something gonna hurt your eyes but you can set a plan. If you are a blogger blogging take time but for the sake of your health you should take breaks during the blogging time.


Maybe you are a youtuber and Creating video take you 2 hours to make, set a plan that help you to finish your video while you keep your health. for example record half hour and take little break and then go back and record some and so on. Don’t worry about the time its the same time anyway i don’t recommend take long break that way will cause you late in schedule.

For me i only do my work (blogging and social profiles) and then take break i don’t watch videos unless i finish my work early and i still have time. Or i finish my work and then i go hang out with my friends or cousins for while (Not long time) and then back to watch videos or maybe finish my work if i didn’t finish my work.

3-Third Tip is Recommend you to have water beside you:

Third Tip is Recommend you to have water beside you


I used to Drink water every time i use the laptop or play video games, because its a way to keep you on good level of energy and hydrated. When you know you gonna use the electronic device for long time, make sure to have a bottle of water.


4-Fourth Tip is Make sure to use the electronic devices with recommended brightness:

The light comes out of any electronic device such as the laptop or the phone or even maybe the tv is the problem that cause everything so make sure to use these electronic device with recommended brightness level. For me i recommend you to make the brightness under 50% that way keep your eyes safe and you can last more than half hour with less problem.


If you gonna use any of mentioned devices with high level of brightness it will hurt yours eyes or maybe your head because of the amount of light that the eyes receive is more than normal and that way you will start to get issues. Additional to what i just said you can also control the brightness depend on the brightness around you, for example if you are using the phone in the dark you should have brightness around 10%, and if you are using the phone out in sun you can make brightness 100% or maybe 70%.

5-Fifth Tip is Additional Tips:

This is the last tip and i will talk about additional tips on this topic. First one Do not be close to phones,tv or laptop  during the time you use, make sure to get distance between you and the device for eyes safety. Second one i recommend to have a family time do not allow these devices steal your time with families. Family time comes first and whatever you want to do.


Do not use the phone or the laptop with headset while the volume high, for example listening to music with headset with high volume this way you will get headache or maybe cause an issue to your hearing.

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  1. Great tips. Need to spend way less time on my phone

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