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It’v been really long time since i did tips, so today i’m back with tips.In today’s post i’m going to talk about “Tips how to have a clean and healthy teeth”,and we going to walk through some of the good tips that will help you to get health teeth,and make your smile even more beautiful.


We know what make our teeth unhealthy  and that by not taking care of it really good.So if you want to have great teeth follow these steps.


1-First One  Is The Dental Floss:

First One  Is The Dental Floss

You eat and you use your teeth to make the food easy to go in the digestion system,and when you do so the food become smaller and smaller, when it become smaller so it will be easy to go in between the teeth.that’s not the problem,the problem if it stays there for long will be problem for your teeth,and not only that but also when you drink something have sugar included .using the dental floss will help you make that spot  in between your teeth clean so your teeth be clean as well.


2-Second One Is Leave Tobacco:

Second One Is Leave Tobacco

If you want to have a beautiful teeth, don’t ruin it with the bad stuff,like the tobacco is something that will destroy your teeth and more of your body. So its not healthy at all and you want to leave it to be healthy in all ways,watching what the tobacco can do to your teeth health.You will probably have strong bad relationship with tobacco,the tobacco found in the  cigarette By the way.


3-Third One Is Visit the Dentist:

Okay while you working on your teeth everyday make sure you visit the dentist regularly to check how you works,and make sure you are working correctly with your teeth.I mean you have to check it,its not like if you would like or  not, because visiting the dentist will confirm your teeth health.


4-Fourth One Is Drink and Eat:

eating and drinking will also help you to strengthen your teeth and also keep you healthy,for example if you drink milk it will give your teeth strength.and if you eat vitamins like apple, and i have mentioned that as well in the post of benefit of apple, it help you to clean your teeth as well,anyway there is more and more you can eat and drink for your health, and i will also mention in the future posts,so dont worry.

5- Ffth One Is Limit The Unhealthy Stuff:

Well i cant label it as healthy and somewhat its unhealthy, i think i will go with unhealthy because it have the things would harm the body than benefit it.Anyway limit the things that will only harm the body such as the alcohol, i don’t think it have something good to mention but to destroy the health system in your body. And also the soda, well its not too bad but it also not so good so these thing could be a reason why you have bad teeth.

Something like the chocolate, its not bad in matter fact it have good benefits for the health system but also it can be reason to destroy the teeth. So you may also limit the amount of chocolate you eat,and the coffee as well.It might be good for the health system in our body but also if you drink so much coffee you will end up with destroyed teeth, and thus you will not have a beautiful smile.

We will get enough with the list-best style, and i have few things to mention.You can also use the mouthwash products, because its good and also it can clean your mouth.And to make sure that your teeth and your mouth will not be damaged or something,ask the doctor for advice or tips.Anyway about mouth wash you use…i mean we use the brushes to brush our teeth, and when we mis-brushing them,it will turn to bad thing instead of good thing. So we need to learn how to brush our teeth in proper way.


And you might didn’t know about this but also the tongue need to be clean in order to have a clean mouth,so you need to clean your tongue when you brush your teeth as well. We have came to end of this article, thank you so much for reading,i will see you in the next post,have an amazing day.


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  1. Awesome tips! Def have to try these as I’m a coffee drinker and it’s really annoying!

  2. Dental floss and limiting the unhealthy stuff are my two top picks for healthy teeth!

  3. Thank you for this post! I will pin it, it’s super useful 🙂

  4. Amazing tips, thank you so much for sharing, I agree with you its a pity to destroy the teeth with bad stuff…. but some people just dont get it. Oh and I didn’t know that we can clean the tongue also !!!

  5. Great tips! I know coffee is so bad for my teeth but I can’t help it!

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