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Hey everyone welcome back, i hate breaks but sometime it comes to time when i should take one day break.Anyway If you wonder why i say “Hey Everyone” in every post i make,i think i have talked about that but anyway i’m going to mention it again in case someone doesn’t know it. So i say it as a intro start thing, i say it every time i start the article or the post.You know i  like to start and end the article, i think its gentle way to make articles.


Anyway in today’s post i’m going to talk about something maybe we don’t notice that but its important to have the lights on this case.We sleep and wake up everyday,but do we sleep healthy?,do we get enough sleep?,and how to get healthy sleep?.Well this post gonna contain healthy tips you can follow in order to have a healthy sleep.

A unhealthy sleep can make your day worse, and that by starting your day bad.Like if you wake up not feeling well or feeling sleepy you did not get enough sleep, will ruin your morning.So anyway i’m going to mention some of the good tips you want to follow to have a healthy sleep.


1-First One Is Sleep Schedule:

First One Is Sleep Schedule

First thing i’m going to talk about is the sleep schedule,and its really important to have a schedule for sleep regulate your body’s clock.And also its something good that can help you feel good at morning,if you sleep early and the next day you sleep late that you will make your mood bad in the morning, and also if you sleep late and the next day sleep early the next day you will wake up lazy.I think its true,it has something to do with mood,like your mood in morning depend on your sleep time,what you think about that guys?.

2-Second One Is Sleep-Friendly Environment:

The first thing to think about when you go to bed is the Environment,because it something will effect your sleep.I assume we all know that the best Environment for sleep is Cool, dark, and quiet Environment,because if you sleep in hot place you cant even stay in the hot Environment,how  you could sleep in it.and also you cant rest in noisy Environment.You need to pick the right and the perfect Environment for your sleep.

You might didn’t notice about this but also the tech devices in your room effect your sleep.And that because their ever-glowing lights especially those in the blue wavelengths can throw off your circadian rhythm by mimicking daylight.So that means you might wanna have your bedroom at the sleep time free from the tech devices,or you can just turn it off when you go to sleep.


3-Third One Is The Sleep Enemy Components:

Third One Is The Sleep Enemy Components

i’m going to call it the the sleep enemy Components and that because it against the sleep.Like if you drink it or try it, it will make wake and not be able to sleep.Anyway the first thing is the most known thing that against the sleep or the one that make you not able sleep is the caffeine which the coffee and everything contain it.You have time to drink it only in morning, other than that you cant drink otherwise it will effect your sleep.


The second one is the alcohol and why its effect your sleep, well it disturb your sleep later as the alcohol wears off,so avoid the alcohol and related things such as the cigarettes.


I’m not going to use the list-best style for this point, i’m just going to mention it.Anyway the point I want to mention is eating right before the bed time.Its so unhealthy to eat right before the sleep,because Your body isn’t meant to be digesting while you sleep, you need atleast one hour before time but also that not healthy but atleast. You need to have time for the indigestion system to do its work,and it depend on what you eat. So you need to eat atleast one hour before the bedtime. And Additional to that, you cant eat big meals before bed time as well, because it take so much  time to to digest the food and that will disturb your sleep.


I think there no need for the listbest style anymore because there no much i can talk about. So anyway i’m just gonna mention it in normal style. Anyway in order to have a good sleep you may also need to pick the comfortable mattress and pillows and that depend on your nature, some people feel conformable in pillow and the other feel in another pillow. It could be the same but most of people have different pillows and mattress, so make sure to make what make you feel comfortable. And blankets as well you might use unconformable blanket and it cant let you sleep so try separate blankets.

Try to not stress about sleep when sleep time,i have tried it myself. If i keep thinking about sleep i wont sleep, so when you in the bed think about anything that happened in your day funny, silly or even normal thing, or you can think about tomorrow like plans or anything. Anything but the sleep do not stress about it. You can also try something called “Imaginary world”, like imagine yourself in a clam place, or even you can use your imagination to travel anyway you want or something you would like to be something like that.Because it help This deep relaxation method can slow brain wave activity, coaxing you toward sleep.

I think this is it about the sleep tips,i’m going to end the post right here, and  i hope it was helpful for you. I will see you in the next post, thank you so much for the support.


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4 thoughts on “Tips For Healthy And Better Sleep

  1. Well considering I have four small kids constantly crawling into bed with me, a snoring husband and a nightly cocktail it is no wonder I sleep like shit.

  2. Ah this is so helpful. I didn’t know that about the blue light from tech items. Have you heard about using amber lighting for a bedroom? I guess that’s why. Do you recommend that?

    • i recommend that you have dark place during the sleep time,or if you cant stay in dark or have problems with it, you can use lights but with low brightness, like a controlled bright source you can control the brightness that would be good because it will be a relaxing place you can sleep otherwise you cant have lights during the sleep time,you wont sleep well if there so!

      i assume the amber lighting have low bright if i’m not mistake,i havent tried my self,but there is no problem to use it during the sleep time as long as its low brightness,if you find it relaxing light you can use it!

      Thank you so much for asking!
      hope the answer was helpful!

  3. Oh Gosh, I wish I remembered what a good nights sleep was. I have a 14 month old who is still in our room (my doing hahha). Although she is great and sleeps through the night I am always keeping alert in case she does wake. It also doesn’t help that my husband snores.

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