Welcome to krivenien blog!


A set of policies is something that help us to keep the negativity away,so when people being negative is what destroy the positivity in other people,and so to  beat the negative or in other word to separate the good people from the bad people the policies comes in hand to do this job.


Anyway it’s simple and easy to follow,and so we can have a a positive life, if you tell me that this is not a social  network website, i wouldn’t say you wrong, but i would prove you it is, i mean let’s take a look, the comment section is something we communicate with each others, and so it can be as social network.


To Get the most out of the comment section and have good communication i have sat these simple policies,but gonna tell that if you break one of the policies, i’m sorry but you gonna be banned, we don’t need to create something call “hate” between us.

  • Treat the others the way you want to be treated:

Respect everyone’s opinions, and respect their personalities,you don’t have the write to disrespect the others, if you do so, you will be banned, respect is the way keep us together,and also grow the relationships between us, so its important to do so.

  • No Foul language:

This one created by disrespect, and its not allowed in this blog, we use this as a communication and not only as a blog you read and leave,and so we need to avoid the foul language, because its a way of bringing negativity, our goal is to have a positive communication,again if you do not follow this you will be banned.

  • No Comment Spams:

The average number of comments is one per person, unless its a reply,if you comment the same comment twice that’s called a spam, or comments too many comments in less than normal time that’s also called a spam,and we don’t want that to happen, so make sure to avoid or else you gonna be banned.

  • No Promotion Comment:

As i said we want to make the most of the comments, and communicate with each, so no promotion allowed,there is website form in the comment section you can put your website in, and also do not comment only for promotion, you allowed to comment a link only if its for help, like someone asked for a tutorial or something you can send a link of your work, not others’s work,so please make sure to follow this.

  • no pornography photos or anything related to pornography:

Well, i know most us come here to communicate or help each others,but in case,a reminder for those people who would do that, you are not allowed to comment anything related to pornography, if you do that will be banned immediately.

Alright this is everything i could think of, please make sure this page will be updated,so make sure to check more often, to avoid the ban, we are here to have a positive relationship, anything will try to destroy it or bring negativity will be banned.


if you notice on something and want to report it,or if you have problem with someone insulting you or anything  please send it to me by my email,or you can send me with my social media, and i will take action immediately.


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