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Hey Everyone!

How everyone doing?, lets get some time before we start today’s post,and talk to each others and share thoughts and goals and dreams. Or you know what?, how about we make this post to speak to each others?. We are humans, and we can be one unite, we can’t just read and read and read and never communicate with each others. We got to have time to gather around and speak and even maybe help each others.

I’m going to do something called off-post, which means there is no post for today, and use the time to communicate with each others. If you have any problems. anything you want to speak up for, its the time to do so. Share  anything you want to speak up in your mind, it could be problem or thoughts or even questions.

I’m going to talk about my self for little bit,i have been blogging for about 6 years. every time i start, i get distracted by real life, i cant keep going and so i stop for short time and the reason why, is because i want to clam and back to the track,i had alot of blogs hosted with blogger, and only two hosted by wordpress.

I was going through hard time with dealing with blogging, i use motivation, i keep having troubles in blogging till this point but i cant stop, its the passion that drive me crazy,i cant stop blogging. When i finish the post or the blog, it make me happy, and i be like “i did something today”.

I get alot of issues and problems everyday and keep searching and keep searching till i find a way to fix, it took me so many tries to understand the way how it work and how to handle everything, and after many tries finally i understand everything,yet i’m not that professional, i keep learning everyday.

This is my blog that will last forever, and i will keep working with. When i started blogging, i didn’t know anything so i copied people’s content, and steal pictures. And by the time i started to learn to speak, how to talk the point. If you are professional blogger then you know that there is words and lines, its not anything will work, you got to be a clear and good to say the words, and you should also pick the right word for the right line.


Not to mention the grammar in the lines, to be honest i just started learning this and i will get better and better. I will keep learning till i die, let me tell you that being blogger its not something everyone can be, you may say dude there is alot of bloggers out there what you talking about ?, well have you met a real blogger ?. Someone write some bullshit words with bad grammar and few lines, and who knows it has been stole from another idiot.

You got to aim for a good blogger if you really wanna blog. The reason why i use my blog as a communicate not as blog where you read and leave is because i want to make as a way to help each others as bloggers, as  way people to get something helpful and meaningful. I always aim to help people either get to get better or to have more knowledge(get more and more about something).

I have talked about many topics from sports to cars to apps, and here i am. I decided to talk about something really helpful, the other things i have talked about is good and might be helpful but the health is something that comes in the top. For example if you are healthy then you can learn about cars or apps.


I might add health apps in this blog, but not now, we going to think about it in the future, actually i’m going to add more and more topics to this blog, but even if  i add more topics still the health topic will be more.

You know some people in the world start blogging and never keep going. Well that because of two reasons, either its not the right thing you want to do or something block you in the way. So if you see you have the second reason, use this as a way to share your problems and issues that block you.

Well let me talk about youtube, im not a youtuber but i make videos for youtube sometime. And its also hard to work with, its not something also everyone can do, its not about difficulty of the job, its the time and the passion. If you really want to Youtuber or blogger you should have patience, and of course you will meet something called “road-blocks”, and that’s easy always there is something will break down the road block, don’t worry, don’t give up.


Do Not Give Up For Simple Reasons, You Can Do It



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  1. Nice post, let us know how your Blogging journey goes.

    • well i just mentioned that as well, now tell its your turn, a you blogger ?, how did you started ? :)).

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