Off Post – Funny Moments

Hey Everyone!

Finally i’m back,i have  gone through alot of hard times dealing with my website after it got hacked and attacked by plugin. I apologize for the delay of the posts, now i’m back but its been long time since i posted off post time and i think its time to do one now, lets take some moments and have a chat together.

In the previous one i have talked about me and my journey of blogging and now i will not tell anything i will just make as communicate between us and i’m going to share some of my funny stories that happened to me in the real life, how is that ? i hope you gonna like it and you can also have some times and speak to us in the comment section about anything it doesn’t have to be a funny you can share  something you have achieved.


Anyway talking about funny moments, a funny story happened to me in 2 days ago. I gone to buy some of groceries from the supermarket and in my way to the market i saw a guy with a bike in the street and he was doing like a awesome movements with his bike and so we stopped by to see his movements. The guy challenged his friend to hit the bottle with his back tire while he is driving, well the guy accepted the challenge.

The guy who accepted the challenge was getting ready to throw the bottle in the air while the guy gone to get some distance for some speed. The guy with the bike started going toward the other guy and so the other guy timed it so well that the guy with bike hit the bottle so good and the funny story in this that the guy who threw the bottle got hit in the head with his bottle, it was kind pain but its so funny.

Bike in the street

There is another funny story that happened in the same week but one day later. Me and my cousin gone for a walk and there were a bushes in the sides in the way we were walking, me and my cousin were in deep talk about life stuff.

My cousin was the one who beside the bushes, and there were two people hiding in the bushes we did not notice them, and they jumped scare  my cousin, my cousin’s reaction is so funny, i laughed so hard, and here is a thing these guys thought we are their friends because they have sat for their friends and we kind ruined it hahaha.

Two people walking (photo example for me and my cousin)

I’m going to be honest with you, i like scaring my friends and my family, its for fun i mean it hurt their feelings but after all its for fun and my friends and my family know that. I don’t do it alot just once at week or month, that mean its not everyday that would be boring if its so.

Anyway i have done something kind scary like it scare someone but its kind like a prank its funny. So i was waiting in the car for my cousin and when he came back he stopped for some reasons talking to a stranger i didn’t hear what they said because the windows were closed, and i thought for something came in my mind.

While my cousin talking to the stranger something weird came up in my mind, i was like let me scare him well of course this will involve the stranger haha, i pressed the horn for the car, well it was small car but luckily we had a ship horn(well not really the exact ship horn but close because it has so loud sound), you know what is that mean? hahah. I pressed the car’s horn and they like “what the hell you doing” and then i pressed the ship horn and hahaha god the reaction, well it was really scary but it was so funny.


Alright we are done here my friends, i hope you enjoyed it everyone but i think it will be more fun if you share your thoughts and share whatever you got in mind with us whether its funny story or something you achieved you want to share with us speak it up in the comment, other than this i hope you enjoy the rest of your day and i will catch you up in the next video everyone.