How to Add Alt and title tags for images in wordpress

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Alright today i’m going to talk about “How to Add Alt and title tags for images in wordpress” There is two different ways you can add these tags when you want to add an image to you post. First the Alt and the title tags is important for the search engine because its like a names the search engine read by these names.

So that means its important tags for images and in this post we are going to take a look at how do we add these tags. Alright so first we need to add an image to add these tags and here how you add the image.

Add an image

Alright we going to use an empty post to talking about this step and its very easy to do and i see it actually pretty obvious because everyone can see and know what is that for. Anyway as you see in the picture with red square there is a button with value named “Add media” and that’s where you can add images from where ever you that means you can add it from your computer or you can add it from an online website by the url of the image i recommend you to add it from computer.


inserting images

Alright so when you click in the button in the first step what you will see is this image, as you can see you also able to add images by dragging them into the white space in the picture or anywhere in the big square that will pop-up for you. Anyway whatever you want to do you can do it but the important thing is the picture as you get the picture uploaded that’s the matter.


adding the tags

So After you uploaded the image and its ready to be inserted in the post you might wanna check the right side of the square thing as in the picture and as you read there is the tag and alt tag. This is the first way of adding the tags and you can also add the caption and the description as well in the right square.

But lets say that you forget to add these tags and inserted the image, how you gonna do it ? delete the image and inserted again ? no there is a better way and easy you don’t have to delete anything. I mean you don’t have to upload it again but you have to insert it again and why doing that when there is something easier to do the same job.

edit the picture

Alright so lets say you have inserted the image without the tags its okay don’t worry. What you want to do is click on the image as shown in the picture by the way the picture above is from the previous step took that picture as a example and when you click on the picture a menu will popup above the picture as shown in the photo. Look at the picture and see the right button in the menu that’s the x thing which will delete the picture.

We don’t wanna delete the picture so pass the x thing and go the next one which’s the pencil thing in the menu is what we need click it and something will popup just like the next photo.


editing the picture

Alright so when you clicked in the pencil icon thing in the previous step this is what you will see its actually two picture added in one because if you look at the first picture in the picture above there is the alt tag and if you want the title tag you have to scroll down if you noticed in the right of the picture above i have scrolled down for the second tag.

You can also edit the size of the picture also you can add extra links as you can see in the bottom of the picture above there some extra links you might wanna leave it but if you want to add something in there you can do so.

Alright everyone here the first post after the change reached to the end, i really want to hear your opinion so please drop your opinion in the comment section i hope you amazing day my friends stay awesome!


4 thoughts on “How to Add Alt and title tags for images in wordpress

  1. So question… a test actually, lol. There is so much info on the Internet, but examples are how I learn best. I am curious about alt and title tags. I have a post called “Hiking in South Korea”. The picture is me going up hill. What should the title and alt tag be to make them seo compliant?

    • i’m so glad its working, okay the tags would something that describe the image i guess this is the best way to name the image

  2. Great post and very informative. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Definitely something a lot of people should know how to do! Thanks for making it simple, easy-to-follow!

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