How to Add a Description Meta Tag in blogger

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How is your day today?, i hope your day is awesome and hope you feeling great, lets start this post and before i start i want you leave everything upset or annoying or whatever make your smile goes away for little bit and lets have some fun and learn something today.

Alright so i have talked about something for wordpress bloggers and i think its not fair to not talk about something for  blogger bloggers. If you are a new to blogging platform or never heard about blogger  its just like wordpress a blogging platform where you can blog.

There is alot of things we need to set for the blog to be ready to be in the internet and if we don’t do that we might be unknown in the internet so. Today in this post i’m going to talk about “How to Add a Description Meta Tag in blogger” And we gonna learn how to add the description meta tag for the blog.

Before we learn how to add lets know why we have to add these tags for our blogs. So if you are a new blogger you might don’t know that the meta tags is so important for the SEO and without the meta tags your blog will be unknown and therefore no one will know the blog so its important to add these tags.

So Just like the previous post there is two different ways to do this but in this post there is something easy and friendly and there is something not too hard and not too easy and require you some knowledge to do it. We will go through the both steps and whatever you find easy for you you can do it after all it will be the same in the end.

First way

 Homepage for blogger 

Alright so first what you want to do is going to and when you go to the link the first thing you will see is shown in the picture above. This is only if you have created a blog if you haven’t create any blog you might want to create one. I use an empty blog for examples and picture for this post.

The menu in left sidebar is everything we need and if you are new to blogger. The blogger platform has been updated it and this is the new look, i kind like but i used to use blogger with the old style anyway lets jump to the next step.


Homepage for blogger 2

Alright in the homepage for the blogger as i said in the left sidebar you will find the settings menu for the blog and this is where you want to go so as shown in the picture with red mark click in the settings menu and it will take you to the setting menu in the same page.This is what i like in blogger its fast and easy to use, i mean wordpress too but i’m talking about blogger.


Settings for the blog

when you click in the setting menu this is what you will see as i said it will be in the same page and if you take a close look to the picture above. I have marked these options but its not the one we talking about, still these options is important as well you might wanna fill with correct value because these option are meant to be a way to make people know the blog.

The last option is where you allow the search engine to index your blog and make it visible in their pages so that mean you have to turn it on and actually they turned on automatically but if its turned off you have to turn it on.


Search preferences page

Here what we talking about, And how to get in this page is by move the mouse and hover in the left sidebar and then scroll down till you see the Search preferences page  and then click on it and this is what you gonna see. As you read in the menu right next to the left bar the meta tags and this is what we talking about. You are allowed to add only the description tag in this step but i guess from the previous step you can add the title and it will be automatically added to the search engines.

As you can see the description meta tag is disabled and that’s mean there is no description meta tag for the blog and its important to have it as a blogger and what you do is click on the blue text next to the disabled word, and after you click in the blue text here what you will see.


Search preferences page Description meta tag)

Take a look again in the picture and you will see something changed when you clicked in the blue text in the previous step. It says enable the search description which is the description meta tag and what you want to do is turn it on by clicking on the yes option. And next there is a text box will appear right under the options and this is where you gonna write your description whatever you want to write but you have only 150 characters so you might wanna use it wisely.

And there you go, you added your description meta tag for your blog and this is the first step so lets see how the second one. I recommend you to use this one as its easy and friendly-use.


Second way

homepage for blogger (second one)

The second way is different and so we have to go back to the first page when you visit the blogger website as shown in the picture. We still in the left sidebar but this time we are not going to go to the setting menu instead we will go the page above the setting page which the theme page.

As i said this way need some knowledge in programming but its easy as soon as you know it, it will be easy to use it but if you want something easier you can do the first way.


Theme page for blogger

When you click on the theme page in the left sidebar this is what you will see and there is nothing to talk about but what you have to do is click on the edit HTML. This button will take you to the HTML codes for the blog and this is why i said it require some knowledge.

Theme page for blogger (HTML Codes page)

Here how the codes page looks like and its sensitive which means any changes will effect the blog so you need to be careful not to delete anything or edit something that you don’t know. I’m sure if you going to use this way you know what to write and where to put it but i’m going to mention it anyway.

<meta name=”the name of the tag” content=”the content of the tag”>

What you just saw is the meta tag and this is how you write it, i will make it easy for you to copy it and paste in your blog directly but first let me explain it. The name in the tag is like what you want this tag to be, there is different value for it for example you might wanna put the name “description” that mean you have created meta tag for description and then the content it what you want to put it. For example

<meta name=”description”  content=”A blog about health and mental health”>

The content is like a description that the search engine would read it and describe you blog, and there is different ones for the SEO i will mention it below.

This one is also for the SEO and the content of this tag will be used to find your blog in the internet, lets say you made the content the blog’s name and when i type it in the search engine’s box it will be your blog.

<meta name=”keywords” content=”name of the blog,something else people would type it in the search engine’s box”>


here is a clean version of those tags:

<meta name=”description” content=”*”>

<meta name=”Keywords” content=”*”>


We have reached to the end of this post, i hope its helpful for you guys and i hope you liked it, about the tags you can google it for more details and other than that i hope you have a great day and i will catch you in the next post.

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  1. An excellent tutorial for adding a meta tag to Blogger. So many people overlook Blogger in favor of WordPress. Thank you for helping those who still use Blogger successfully as blogging medium.

  2. Thanks for breaking down this topic so nicely! I’m soooo not techy, but I added the metatag to my blog today and I hope it will help me with searches!

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