Body part: The head (Ep 2)

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Previously  in the krivenien show,I have talked about the very top and the sides, And in today’s episode i’m going to talk about the face and whatever part of the face, You know what is that mean!

Yeah so from now on i will call it krivenien show, And i will host the episodes for the show, Which that means we are going to have fun and a lot of episodes,I don’t really know how this idea got in my mind but i’m going for it anyway,I have created everything that the show need it, What an such a fast show host,In matter fact i have already got the next topic i will host for the show.

Anyway welcome the krivenien show,Aa i didnt say welcome to the krivenien show in my first episode,Kind weird just got the idea in this episode,So i think there no problem,But anyway as i said i have covered the first part of the human and animal bodies and its the head, And i have talked about the very top and the sides for the head, And in this episode i’m going to talk about the front of the head which everyone know its the “face”.

So everyone know the face but, the question is,Is everyone know what the face made of ?and what inside the face,Well in this episode you will know everything will interest you about the face,so anyway the very top of the face there is something called the “The Forehead” which everyone know as well, So the forehead is the frontal bone, i have mentioned it in the previous episode.

And the forehead bone,okay i’m going to call it the forehead bone but you already know what is the real name,Anyway the forehead bone stops in the middle of the eye, And then there is another bone with and its separate by a suture as i mentioned and its the “lambdoid suture”,And then from the middle of the eye to something called the “mandible” which we gonna take look at and learn more about.


And also there is another bone in the nose, And the bone called “The nasal bone ” this bone located in the top of the nose,And also there is another bone called   “Lacrimal bone” and this located in the eyes, And also the top of the cheeks there is bone called “Zygomatic bone”, And between the top lip and the nose where the mustache grow that area called “The Maxilla”,And the area where the beard grow that called ” the Mandible” which the end of the face and then next come the neck,But that doesnt matter.


As for now we know the face and its areas names, Let’s take a look at the eyes, And then we gonna talk about the nose, And we gonna end our episode with mouth,So in this episode i’m going to host three topics,And then its going to be the end of the head part so we will get to know what things that can happen to the head part and how to deal with it!


The Eyes:

As we all know the eyes, it built for vision,But what i know is that the animals that have eyes but doesn’t see,So i assume its not for everyone as vision,But i’m sure that the bats cant see,Anyway so the eyes are most important thing for all humans, Well its one of the most important,So we need to take care our eyes from damage and anything that can damage our eyes, And also our vision, Well you might got a question after you read what i just said!

Okay i will help you to understand why i said that, Okay the vision and the eye a connected thing, Whatever happen to the other will effect both,Lets say you lost vision so you lost your eyes your eyes’s functions will stop working, And if you damage one of your eyes part then you will lose vision unless its not bad damage like you can fix it.

Okay anyway lets take a look  inside the eye:


Inside the Eye:

-The Cornea

First thing you gonna see is the cornea, And its like a half circle in the first place of the eye, And its known as the outer dome-shaped layer  and the function for it is to protects our eye from elements that could cause damage to the inner parts of the eye,And also There are several layers of the cornea,Which creating a tough layer that provides additional protection, And These layers regenerate very quickly,And that to  help the eye to eliminate damage more easily.


The cornea also allows the eye to properly focus on light more effectively.I really can understnad that so good because i’m facing this problem, And its really so difficult to work with that,And that because Those who are having trouble focusing their eyes properly can have their corneas surgically reshaped to eliminate this problem.


-The Pupil 

Comes after the cornea. the pupil, And its the black thing in our eyes, And its only going to be black in every eye, So anyway The function of this dot-shaped thing is takes in light so the eye can focus on the objects in front of it.


-The Iris

When i was like average, I didn’t know anything and i was thinking different till i  learn and then i correct my thoughts,So the area around the black dot is called the iris, And it comes in different colors because it contains the pigment,And  it uses the dilator pupillae muscles to widen or close the pupil,This thing have the ability to allows the eye to take in more or less light depending on how bright it is around you,And If its  too bright then the  iris will shrink the pupil so that the eye can focus more effectively.

-The Sclera

Have you asked yourself what is the thing around the black dot and the Iris?,Like what is the name of it, Well let me help you with that,The white thing around the dot-shaped thing is called Sclera and its white, But the inside is brown and contains grooves that help the tendons of the eye attach properly,The function of the sclera provides structure and safety for the inner workings of the eye, but is also flexible so that the eye can move to seek out objects as necessary.

-Conjunctiva Glands

There is things that keep the eye fresh and working smoothly,So These are layers of mucus which help keep the outside of the eye moist,And  If the eye dries out it can become itchy and painful,and also It can become more susceptible to damage or infection,And so If the conjunctiva glands become infected the patient will develop “pink eye.”


-Lacrimal Glands

When someone cry or did something that make the eye tears, This start working because They produce tears and which help moisten the eye when it becomes dry,These glands located on the outer corner of each eye, So that why the tears comes from the corners of the eye,And also  flush out particles which irritate the eye,As tears flush out potentially dangerous irritants, It becomes easier to focus properly.

-The Lens 

The lens lays right behind the pupil, And it held in place by the muscles called “ciliary ” which i will talk in little bit,Anyway the lens is a clear layer that focuses the light the pupil takes in, The lens change shapes depending on the amount of light that hits it so it can be properly focused, The lens allowed to change shapes because of the ciliary.



So here a process for the light, And how it done?,So the light focuses by the lens will be transmitted onto the retina, And This is made of rods and cones arranged in layers, Which will transmit light into chemicals and electrical pulses,And if you dont know where it located, The retina is located in the back of the eye, And is connected to the optic nerves that will transmit the images the eye sees to the brain so they can be interpreted and this is the process,And  The back of the retina known as the macula, Which will help interpret the details of the object the eye is working to interpret,And The center of the macula, known as the fova and it  will increase the detail of these images to a perceivable point.

-Ciliary Muscle 

The Ciliary is the muscle i have mentinoed early, And its a ring-shaped tissue which holds and controls the movement of the eye lens, and as i said  it helps to control the shape of the lens.


The blood need to arrive to every spot in the body, And so the eye have the choroid as blood supply to the eye, and its located between the retina and the sclera.


-Vitreous Humor

The eye should keep healthy to work smoothly, So first  the The vitreous humor is  a gel and its  located in the back of the eye which helps it hold its shape,This gel takes in nutrients from the ciliary, Aqueous humor and the retinal vessels so the eye can remain healthy,And When debris finds its way into the vitreous humor, It causes the eye to perceive “floaters,” Or spots that move across the vision area that cannot be attributed to objects in the environment.

-Aqueous Humor

The last thing in the eye is Aqueous Humor, And this is a watery substance that fills the eye, And there is two chambers,The first one is the “anterior chamber” and its located in front of the iris, aAnd the second one is the “posterior chamber” and  is directly the iris,These layers allow the eye to maintain its shape,This liquid is drained through the Schlemm canal so that any buildup in the eye can be removed,And If the patient’s aqueous humor is not draining properly, They can develop glaucoma.


Alright i think i thats everything for the eye, And now lets move the nose, Well the nose i don’t know if there is an interesting topic i would cover in the nose,so lets move to the mouth, And its the last part of the face.


The Eye Parts
There’s some parts in the picture i did not mentioned!

The Mouth:

Okay again we all know the mouth, And i think most of us know the name of the teeth, But going to mention it in case if someone didn’t know about it.

-The Teeth

The teeth is the way to help us to make the food prepare for the next process, And there is names for the teeth and i’m going to mention it,So we  going to start from the inside to the middle of the teeth. So the first three teeth teeth called “The molars “, And then the next two teeth called “the premolars”,And then follow it with the tooth called “canine”,The next one after the canine is the lateral incisor, And then the last one is the “The central incisor”,The top teeth  just like the bottom teeth in position and names.


The place where the teeth are called “The gingiva/gum”, And also there is line in the middle of the mouth in the top and the bottom, And these called “The superior labial frenulum”, And “the  inferior labial frenulum”.And of course the most known thing in the mouth is the tongue and there is a line bottom of the tongue and that called “frenulum linguae”, These have functions but i have no clue what its for, So i’m not going to lie or give wrong information, If you have any idea what its for comment it below.

There is a space in top of the mouth and that called “softs palate ” everyone, And its  consisting of muscle fibers sheathed in mucous membrane,It is responsible for closing off the nasal passages during the act of swallowing, And also for closing off the airway During sneezing,It protects the nasal passage by diverting a portion of the excreted substance to the mouth.


There is also something called “uvula” and its hanging in the soft palate,And its a conic projection from the posterior edge of the middle of the soft palate,Composed of connective tissue containing a number of racemose glands,And some muscular fibers (musculus uvulae),And During swallowing, the soft palate and the uvula move together to close off the nasopharynx,And prevent food from entering the nasal cavity,It has also been proposed that the large amounts of thin saliva produced by the uvula serves to keep the throat well lubricated.


Okay now after we know almost everything, I cant promise you i mentioned everything, but i can say most the things it interest you,Anyway now i will mention most of the things will happen to you in the head so first thing all we know the head could happen headache,And there is types of headaches.

Well there is many of headache and there about 150 different types of headaches,But i’m going to mention The most common ones and they are…

-Tension headaches

Also called stress headaches, Chronic daily headaches, Or chronic non-progressive headaches,They are the most common type among adults and teens,They cause mild to moderate pain and come and go over time.


These headaches are often described as pounding, Throbbing pain,They can last from 4 hours to 3 days and usually happen one to four times per month,Along with the pain, people have other symptoms, such as sensitivity to light, noise, or smells nausea or vomiting; loss of appetite and upset stomach or belly pain,When a child has a migraine, She often looks pale, Feels dizzy, And has blurry vision, Fever, And an upset stomach.

-Mixed headache syndrome

Also called transformed migraines, This condition is a mix of migraine and tension headaches,Both adults and children can have it.

-Cluster headaches

This type is intense and feels like a burning or piercing pain behind the eyes, Either throbbing or constant,It’s the least common but the most severe type of headache,The pain can be so bad that most people with cluster headaches can’t sit still and will often pace during an attack.

They’re called “cluster headaches” because they tend to happen in groups,You might get them one to three times per day during a cluster period, Which may last 2 weeks to 3 months,The headaches may disappear completely (go into “remission”) for months or years, Only to come back again.

-Sinus headaches

With these,You feel a deep and constant pain in your cheekbones,Forehead,Or bridge of your nose,They happen when cavities in your head, Called sinuses, Get inflamed,The pain usually comes along with other sinus symptoms, Such as a runny nose,Feeling of fullness in the ears,Fever, And swelling in your face.

-Acute headaches

Kids get these headaches that start suddenly and go away after a short time,If there are no symptoms of other nerve problems, The most common cause is a respiratory or sinus infection.

-Hormone headaches

Women can get headaches from changing hormone levels during their periods, Pregnancy, And menopause,The hormone changes from birth control pills also trigger headaches in some women.

-Chronic progressive headaches

Also called traction or inflammatory headaches, These get worse and happen more often over time,They make up less than 5% of all headaches in adults and less than 2% of all headaches in kids. They may be the result of an illness or disorder of the brain or skull.

Okay after we know what type headaches, Why not know what like to be the reason that cause the headache for us, I will mention  few little reasons.

Headaches Types

so What Causes Headaches?

Before i mention the reasons, Let me explain how The pain you feel during a headache, The pain during the headache comes from a mix of signals between your brain,Blood vessels, and nearby nerves,Specific nerves of the blood vessels and head muscles switch on and send pain signals to your brain,But here is a thing it’s not clear why these signals turn on in the first place.

The possible reasons why you get headaches:



Such as an infection, cold, Or fever,They’re also common with conditions like sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses), A throat infection, Or an ear infection,In some cases,The headaches may be the result of a blow to the head or rarely, A sign of a more serious medical problem.


Common causes of tension headaches include emotional stress and depression as well as alcohol use, Skipping meals, Changes in sleep patterns, And taking too much medication,Other causes include eyestrain and neck or back strain due to poor posture.

Your environment, Including secondhand tobacco smoke,Strong smells from household chemicals or perfumes, Allergens, And certain foods,Stress, Pollution, Noise, Lighting, and weather changes are other possible triggers.

Headaches, Especially migraines, Tend to run in families,Most children and teens (90%) who have migraines have other family members who get them,When both parents have a history of migraines, There is a 70% chance that their child will also have them. If only one parent has a history of these headaches, The risk drops to 25%-50%.

Doctors don’t know exactly what causes migraines,A popular theory is that triggers cause unusual brain activity, Which causes changes in the blood vessels there,Some forms of migraines are linked to genetic problems in certain parts of the brain.



There is also another reason why you would get headache, First because of the cornea,If you have problem like i do, Then if so much lights hits your eyes for long time then you will get pain, And that’s fine it will go away with no doctor need, Just rest your eyes and everything would be awesome.

The second one i have is the loud sound,If you listen to music loudly for long time then you will get headache and its probably normal if you just rest  it will go as soon as the functions work smoothly again!

We have came to the end of the Krivenien show, It was long episode but i really hope its helpful for you guys, And i will see you in the next episode, If you gone this far,Comment below because i really want, And i want to  thank you if you did so, thank you so much!