Body part: The head (Ep 1)

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Welcome back everyone, It was long time since i posted my last post, sorry about that,I gone though tough time in my real life and i couldn’t really handle it but to stop blogging and focus on dealing with my problems,anyway the story doesn’t matter, The matter is the i’m back,I’m so glad i’m back.

Before i start the article i want to talk about something, And that’t my new change, I have mentioned in my twitter that i will talk about my new post so here i am, So i have made some changes during the time i didn’t blog anything and the changes are, I have created a youtube channel alongside my blog,And i changed my social profiles to a stage name that can hold my two things my blog and my channel.

There no  specific time  for when i’m gonna upload and post but i have a plan to handle both of it,and also i have created IG for both my channel and my blog i will link in the sidebar with the facebook and twitter,So yeah this is everything i want to talk about,I think i have covered everything.

This post gonna be longer than usually,so think you want to get prepare before you start the article,Anyway i said i will do information about the body parts,And i mentioned the reason in the about page,Once again the reason why i will post this kind of posts is because, We want to know our body.

And if know our body we can deal with it,For example if i know my head and what type of things i will get (Headaches and stuff), i will be able to deal with,Its like shortcut for little pains inside our bodies, We don’t have to go to the doctor for little things in our bodies,And make the doctor check what hurts,If you know what hurt so you can heal it.

Here how i’m gonna start, I’m going to start from the top to the bottom,I will try mt best and i hope you guys like,And don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section,So yeah as i said and i mentioned early in my example i’m going to start with the top and its going to be the head.

Now first we know the head, its the top part of the human and every animal body,And it contain more than one thing, Such as the face and the brain,i’m going thought the entire head,To make more easy to read, I’m going to use the list-best rule which i just created now.

The very top of the head:

We all know what it is,Its the spot where the hair grow in the head,Okay we are not looking for the hair, We are looking for what inside the hair and whats in the bottom of the hair, There is the bones and something called “suture” and its the one which link the bones together.

Bones in the very top of the head: 

The very top of the head parts (head bones)

 -Frontal bone:

You may don’t know this bone but, What if i tell you that the forehead is the part of the frontal bone,This bone start from top-half of the eye to the top middle of the head, And the end of the frontal bone in the top middle of the head there is the suture and it called “coronal suture “.

-Parietal bone:

This bone start from the top middle of the head to before the the end of the back of the head, Because in the end of the back of the head there is another bone which i will mention in little bit, This bone start with “coronal suture” which the end for the frontal bone and it end with “lambdoid suture ”

-Temporal bone:

In the sides of the head there is two bone, One is the temporal and the other one is sphenoid bone and separate  them the “coronal suture”,These bones are responsible for the sides of the head, But they are different bones in different  positions.

-Occipital bone:

This bone located in the very end of the back of the head, Before the neck and its small bone, And surrounded with the big bones like the  Parietal bone, And it start where the Parietal bone ends with the “lambdoid suture”.


So this is it about the very top of the head, Well because they are bones so  it cant hurt you unless you hit against something,But remember the brain and some other important things you don’t want touch it, Because if it gets hit by any small or little hit it will do big damage to your system,Anyway we wont take look at it because anything happen to one of these functions or things like brain you have to go to doctor immediately.

So yeah now i’m going to move down little bit and we going to find the face but, Before i start with the face i’m going to the sides first, And there we will find the ears,the ears are in the sides of the head and its part of the temporal bone, And i’m 100% everyone know what is the function of it, So yeah i don’t need to mention it at all, But most of people doesn’t know that it could be a reason to get pain in the head, I will go through the ear and how it happen, and how you can fix it.

The ear:

So first you see, is the ear body and that called the pinna or also the auricle and that called the outer ear,The ear contain three parts and the first is the outer ear and then the middle ear and also the inner ear,But here is a thing we not going to take it as that we will go deep in details and know what each part contain.


As i said the outer part contain the pinna,but also it contain the auditory canal, The pinna is the visible part of the ear and then follow it the auditory canal where the sounds travel to the next part which the middle ear,The middle ear is where all the process happens,In the end of the auditory canal there is something called “tympanic cavity”,okay this is boring so lets change to the list-best rule.


Ear Parts:

-Outer ear:

How about this ?, great so as i said this part contain the pinna and the auditory canal. Simple as that,The visible one is the pinna, And then the auditory canal where the sound travel to the next part of the ear.


-Middle ear: 

The middle ear is the next one and it start with the tympanic cavity as i said and its air-filled cavity and it follow it with something i call it the three brothers, The three ossicles (the malleus (hammer), Incus (anvil),The stapes (stirrup)), And their attaching ligaments: The auditory tube, And The round and oval windows,Here how it works.

The Ear Parts
There’s parts which i didn’t mention in the middle ear!

How it work:

The sound go to the  tympanic cavity and then the three ossicles transmit sound from the outer ear to the inner ear, And the first ossicle  the malleus (hammer) receives vibrations from sound pressure on the eardrum, Where it is connected at its longest part (the manubrium or handle) by a ligament,And then it transmits vibrations to the incus (which the second ossicle) , Which in turn transmits the vibrations to the small stapes bone, The wide base of the stapes rests on the oval window, As the stapes vibrates, Vibrations are transmitted through the oval window,Causing movement of fluid within the cochlea(The auditory portion of the inner ear).

The round window allows for the fluid within the inner ear to move, As the stapes pushes the secondary tympanic membrane, And the fluid in the inner ear moves and pushes the membrane of the round window out by a corresponding amount into the middle ear,So The ossicles help amplify sound waves by nearly 15–20 times.

-Inner ear:

This is the last part of the ear,And it sits within the temporal bone in a complex cavity called the “bony labyrinth”,A central area known as the vestibule contains two small fluid-filled recesses,And they called  “the utricle and saccule”, And These connect to the semicircular canals and the cochlea.

And the process continue to this part and it start in the third part from the the oval window, Which receives vibrations from the incus of the middle ear,Vibrations are transmitted into the inner ear into a fluid called endolymph, Which fills the membranous labyrinth, The endolymph is situated in two vestibules, The utricle and saccule, and eventually transmits to the cochlea, A spiral-shaped structure, The cochlea consists of three fluid-filled spaces: The vestibular duct, The cochlear duct, and The tympanic duct.

And also there is Hair cells responsible for transduction—changing mechanical changes into electrical stimuli are present in the organ of Corti in the cochlea.


So yeah this is everything you want to know about  the ear,There is more information but i dont think you would read so this is the important things you want to know about,Anyway there is aomething called the hearing loss, And the hearing loss may be either partial or total. This may be a result of injury or damage, Congenital disease, Or physiological causes,When hearing loss is a result of injury or damage to the outer ear or middle ear, It is known as conductive hearing loss, When deafness is a result of injury or damage to the inner ear, Vestibulochoclear nerve, Or brain, it is known as sensorineural hearing loss.

Okay i think this is everything about the ears and the very top of the head, I will probably mention everything about the head and then gonna mention the problems and the pains you will face so you get the picture right and  then know it well, Its long episode but its helpful,I hope you find it helpful as well,Going to end the article now, Catch you guys in the next episode!

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