Benefits of Orange

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I’v been talking lately about Benefits,and i have talked about apple and green tea, so today i’m going to talk about a fruit known as “The Healthiest Fruit”,and that because it have so healthy benefits, and we going through it in this post.


1-First benefit is “Immune System“:


As we all know that the oranges contain the vitamin C,and the vitamin c have the function to produce the white blood cells that destroy viruses, bacteria and other foreign invaders, and also the oranges contain the vitamin a,and its folate and copper,nutrients that assist Vitamin C in keeping your immune system in tip-top shape.


2-Second benefit is ” Kidney Stones“:

Second benefit is " Kidney Stones"

The Oranges contain, something that help to keep the kidney stones at bay,  and that’s by flushing harmful free radicals out of the organs,and that’s everyone is the “potassium “,not every citrus juices are created equal,like lemon not like the oranges, anyway  the orange have high level of potassium,so its better and more responsible for keeping kidney stones at bay.


3-Third benefit is “Control  Cholesterol“:


we have talked about this in every post i have talked about, and now we talking once again, the orange have the ability to control the cholesterol in our body,in the first place the oranges doesn’t contain any cholesterol, its free cholesterol, and also it can lower the cholesterol in our body, The Vitamin C in oranges is the antioxidant in oranges that contributes to their ORAC value of 2,103, ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity,and also Vitamin C neutralizes the free radicals that oxidize cholesterol, which is what makes it stick to the artery walls.


4-Fourth benefit is “Various Types of Cancers“:


About the cancers, everything i have talked about also have the ability to help prevent various types of cancers, and so the oranges can do, i’m not talking about the oranges but also there many of fruits and nutrition, anyway the citrus limonoids common in oranges are proven to help fight a number of varieties of cancer,and this was proven ?, in tests in animals and human cells, the study reported that it help to fight cancers of the mouth, skin, and lung,and breast, stomach and colon.


5-Fifth benefit is “Blood Pressure“:

Fifth benefit is "Blood Pressure"

I haven’t talked about the blood pressure, but now i do, the orange contain The herperidin flavanone,which can lower high blood pressure, and to get the is benefit, make sure to eat it peeled not juice, because it found in the white pulpy part between the inner orange flesh and the outer skin.


Also the oranges have the ability to regulate the blood sugar, the orange might be sweet but it can regulate the blood sugar, and that’s because the orange rich in fibers which keeps the blood sugar low and normal.


6-Sixth benefit is “Heart Health“:

Sixth benefit is "Heart Health"

As i mentioned earlier that the orange contain the “Potassium”, And every heart beat the potassium involved, and its electrolyte mineral,and also as it helps the heart squeeze and send blood through the body.


There is a study reported that the orange peeled is not like a juice, when you drink the orange as a juice,vitamin C supplements does not provide the same protective benefits as drinking a glass of orange juice,but that doesn’t mean you wont get the most of it, you will get benefits from the orange, peeled or juiced.


The oranges contain vitamin a, and that means its good for vision, the vitamin a hold something that can help vision,so when you have bad vision or problem vision, make sure to make oranges in mind, and also i didn’t mention that the oranges are great for the skin, it help fight against skin damage caused by the sun and pollution. It is vital to collagen production and may help reduce wrinkles and improve the skin’s overall texture.