Benefits of Bananas

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Yesterday’s episode was fun doing,And i hope you liked it, In case you missed it check it out here,Anyway today’s post gonna be about benefits of the bananas,It has been long time since i posted the last post about benefits, So today i’m going to talk about the benefits of bananas.

Okay the bananas full of benefits for our health system and our body, And i’m going through most of the benefits and by the end of this post you going to have a reasons to eat the banana.


1-First Benefit “Improve Digestive“:

First Benefit "Improve Digestive"

First benefit about health system is that the bananas are good and may help improve the digestive system,Well the bananas contains fibers,And the fibers are good for regulating the the speed of digestion.

The bananas contain type of fibers the “pectins” fiber,And this fiber is unique and complicated types of fiber,The pectins have  components water-soluble and have components are not water-soluble ,And because  bananas ripen and so their water-soluble pectins increase, And so  this increase is one of the key reasons why bananas become softer in texture as they ripen,This increase in water-soluble pectins and higher proportional fructose content helps normalize the rate of carbohydrate digestion and moderates the impact of banana consumption on our blood sugar.


2-Second Benefit “Blood Pressure“:

I have mentioned this before in my posts before in benefits,So that means its not one of two that have this benefits, its more than one thing that have this benefit, Anyway the bananas are low in salt which means that’s prefect because the salt is the main reason why you get the blood pressure,And also the banana contain the…, I mean have no idea about this though that the bananas low in slat but i know that they contain the potassium so that means its good for the blood pressure.


The Potassium

Okay the bananas contain the Potassium and you know what is that mean, It means the banana have so much benefits just because it contain the Potassium, You wanna know why?

okay so, here is a thing,I was going to start it up and surprise you guys but,I’m going through all the chemical elements and vitamins,And why so ?, Because its not about the thing you eat its about what it contain,And so when you know the benefits of what it contain you can easily pick different things,And try something new, Because maybe i wont mention the food but you already know why its good.

So that way you will know why its good, i will add this to my krivenien show, and i will host one or two each episode,anyway let’s keep moving to the next benefit.

3-Third Benefit “Give You Energy“:

Third Benefit "Give You Energy"

Okay if you are going to do sport or anything that require you to use your energy, So you might want to make bananas in the list before you start the sport whatever you do that require energy, if you don’t know that most of people eat bananas before they start their sport,Like in tennis sport they make bananas as a quick snack in between the games.

So you might wanna replace the candy bars with the bananas if you want to get energy and stay healthy.

4-Fourth Benefit “Cancer Fighter“:

You haven’t heard about that the bananas are good for fighting cancer, Well  a recent Japanese studies reported that the black spots in the bananas for a production of a compound called TNF–a, This is a cytokine believed to have the potential to increase white blood cell count, Thus enhancing your immunity and combating cancerous cell changes.


5-Fifth Benefit “Improves Mood“:

If you are not in the mood, or feeling angry, Just grab you a banana and try it yourself, I believe that way you can know whether is right or not,The bananas contains the amino acid tryptophan which your body converts to serotonin.

The seotonin levels have the ability to help to  improve your mood, When you feel stress it can help to reduce stress and also  enhance your general outlook and happiness levels.Not only that but also It helps regulate your sleep patterns.


So yeah this is why you want to eat a banana per day, And i think this is it everyone we will get enough for the benefits, I think there is some hidden benefits i didn’t mention, And if you have it you can share it with us in the comment section, Its open community you can share your thoughts and whatever in mind as long as it follow the rules in the policies page,See you everyone in the next post, Thank you for reading,Have an amazing day.


4 thoughts on “Benefits of Bananas

  1. I love bananas. I never knew about it improving mood. Now I’m going to be more aware if my mood my changes.

  2. I’ve noticed that about #5!! It’s really true! And the sweet sugary taste makes it feel like you’ve had a dessert, so win-win in my book 🙂

  3. Good to know. One of my kiddos is super picky with food but she *will* eat bananas, so this is quite a relief.

  4. I didn’t know all these benefits, I only knew about potassium. Anyway I eat banana almost everyday either for breakfast or they’re also a good pre/after workout snack!

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