Hey Everyone!

It’s really hard for me to re-write this page because i don’t want to change the topic of this blog, i mean its not gonna be changed but it will not be the main topic that’s why i am re-writing this page.

Alright most of you who will read this page is new to the blog, so i recommend you to go to this page before reading this page and that because its gonna explain you why you are reading this page.

Alright so now you gone to that page, i will mention it again but first let say welcome to the krivenien blog,i have created this page to help people and help the community but as i mentioned in the article and because of that reason i have decided to change the blog topic to tech.

It’s really hard for me to change the topic because its not the thing that i want and it make me feel that i’m not doing anything to the community but i am forced to do so because whatever i mentioned in the page. Anyway this blog will turn to a technical blog,i tried to figure a good and something will help the community and i couldn’t think of something else than turn this blog into technical blog.

If you wonder how its going to be technical blog, we will talk about tips for example “how to start blogging”, “how to change blog’s theme” something like that. The only reason i think its something helpful because people need something like that, i will my best to provide a good and quality posts in the new topic.

I will also add apps review where i will review apps that can help us in our daily life and help us in our works. Everything i want to do in this blog i wanted to do something back to this community so i will try my best as well to provide a good apps and useful ones.

There will be also tips and tricks, what you think about that?. Never tried it before but i guess its something that community want and i can do that so why not give it a try. I mean i have done tips but never done tricks, and tricks are ways you can do something in different and unique way i guess its this way.

We are done about the content, i think this is everything you want to know about the content. Now let me talk about the name of the blog because i’m sure alot of people will be like what the heck is this name and what’s the mean of the this blog. well the name of this blog mean nothing let me clear this for you but here is a thing i have created this name “krivenien” because its something new to the internet and its unique there is no one used it before.

And because there is no mean for the name i have created a descriptive description with the tagline in the header of this blog but going to mention here as well “Your need is our responsibility, technical is our job, krivenien the blog you need to fix the issue”.

I have no idea how this came in a paragraph but anyway the first part is where you need something to fix or something you want to know how its done and this is how i created the first part. The second part is telling that this is our job and we got your back so chill and you will find your need in this blog and this is where is comes the last part.

I have no idea how about this but i hope you like it people. last thing i want to mention is that the desgin of the blog will be as before there is nothing will be changed, if you are were part of this blog you will know what i’m talking about.

But in case you are new to this blog i will mention it again. There will be tags and pages and also there will be a categories and here how is going to be. I will use the tags only for SEO purpose i dont tend to use anything with the tags. The pages will be for something such as this page something called essential pages this is what i call it i dont know about the rest.

The last one is categories and this is the important part in the blog because it will be like a main branch of the blog every topic will be held in  category and the category will be placed in the sidebar alongside with the search bar so feel free to browse the blog with the search box or explore the blog with categories.

I think we have reached to the end of this page, i hope its helpful information about this blog and if you have any question about this blog or anything you want to know about or more details feel free to send email to the admin’s email.


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