A Chat Post!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the blog, i have been really struggling to do this post because i feel really so bad doing this also in the same time i really should do it. You know i really love to blog about health and the only reason why i love it is because its something important in our life and it something we should blog about it.


Today’s post going to be chat post where i’m talking with you guys about something. After a day of thinking i have came up with this decision, but before i talk about this topic let me tell you the story of this because its important to understand why i have decided what i decided.

You know to blog about health you really need the knowledge and you have to be a doctor or alteast someone who know about health and everything. I’m going to be honest with you guys the posts i have done it was by my brother, all thanks goes to him, he is a doctor and i was like “hey brother i have blog and i really want to help people in their life to be healthy and stuff” and my brother responded “that’s great idea bro, i would be happy to help you out with your blog” i got excited about that because helping people is my passion.

And as you see i’m struggling to create content and its so frustrating to not upload everyday or atleast regularly, i had a conversation with my brother and he said “i’m sorry brother i really wanna help you but i got to work and my work is not allowing me to do what you want”, my brother was too awesome because he will help out but not everyday, he said “its okay brother i will keep helping you but its going to be less” and i was okay with that and i kept thinking about a new plan for my blog.

Every post i have posted in this blog will not be removed and i will keep blogging about health but i really cant promise you that it will be much, atleast one per week and this way my blog will be dead and so i will lose. So after long thinking i have came with another idea that i can do it everyday but still it will be helpful and it can help people, i really don’t know if its gonna be helpful or it can help people but i kind hope, can you help me with, is it really helpful? do you see it something that gonna help people?, comment it down below in the comment section.

The idea is to turn this blog into a tech blog and its not gonna be about technology and devices because that’s helpful more than making this blog like technical blog. I probably have to edit my about page and the tagline, so as i said i will make this blog as a technical blog where it will be something that will help you with issues in technology and also blogging.

I still don’t know if its good idea or not but all i know is that its the best of all options i had, and as i mentioned can you help me out to figure it out, what do you think of this idea ?. By the way the other reason that i want to do this idea is because i have a lot of experience with technology and blogging so i thought i can help and its pretty much good level of importance.

I really still want to keep it health but i cant, i just cant do it, i have to become a doctor or atleast study it well and that will take me a time to do so, anyway we will move to the next topic till then, i’m not going to stop blogging about health but it will be less than now, I’m sorry about this and i really feel like i failed you guys but i hope i didn’t fail you.

I will put more details about the new idea  in the about page  and i will talk more about the things i have decided to do in the new, because during the time i was thinking about moving to the next idea i prepared some awesome ideas and topics i will add to the blog, so i will make sure to mention everything in the about page.