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Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the contact page, here in this page you gonna find out how to contact the admins of this blog. I know some people want to speak out to the admins of this blog about something and that’s why this page is important.

If you want to contact one of the admins for typo or mistakes you can do so by commenting, you know it could be something that we could use but if you want to be private you can send your comment on the typo through the blog email.

I don’t really want to create forms and everything because you know send it through email will be much faster than submitting through forms so i will just keep my email here so you can contact the admins of this blog. Of course the admins will be in different emails and i will mention it in this page as soon as there is new admin added to this blog will be added in the list.


So Far there is one admin and he control everything about this blog so anything you want to talk about you can send it to him. Also if you want to be one of the admin for this blog you can send him a email and he will reply as soon as possible.

There is another way you can try to contact the admins for this blog and that by the social media accounts. I will link the social media in this page as well and you can send a message and the admins will reply as soon as possible. I will try to add forms in the future if you think this idea is bad, i just think its better than forms because you send it straight from the email you don’t have wait or write extra details.



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